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Science Fair

An Exciting Location for an Engaging Event!


Brookfield Zoo

WSCAE is looking for new opportunities for sponsoring a Science Fair due to a loss of sponsorship.

"We are always looking for creative and meaningful ways to engage our students and providing an opportunity for some of our young scientists to present their work to professionals...It helps bring STEM to life!"

Dr. Victor Simon, Supt. Gower School District 62

School Districts in WSCAE are cordially invited to select students in grades 5-8 to participate in a regional Science Fair hosted on-site at Brookfield Zoo.  Participants in this free event will have an opportunity to present their projects to professionals engaged in the scientific community and be recognized for their individual or group effort.


This is a great change for WSCAE schools that already host a local Science Fair to provide another opportunity for their science enthusiasts to present their work in a unique environment.  The competition is held during the school day and parents/teachers are invited for a "public viewing" of the projects.


Student participation in this event is limited to those students selected by their local district.  The viewing of the event is open to the public.


Previous Sponsors of this event include:

2019-Kriha Law, LLC


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